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Family Law

Get the support you need to getting past painful situations with grace and ease.

Family Law Content

The time may come when you need legal help with regard to a family matter. While the situations may be varied and unique, Murdoch Law Office can help with all of them. Below are some of the common ones we assist people with.

Divorce and Child Custody

When its time to end a marriage or an involved relationship, it can be a very difficult time for everyone involved. So many emotions may cloud judgment and prevent one from seeing the issues and outcomes clearly. The process can be very exhausting and without help, can turn out to be disastrous. It is very beneficial to have the help and advice of someone who is not invested emotionally in the issues, but is committed to your best outcome nonetheless. At Murdoch Law Office we understand the interpersonal complexity as well as the legal ramifications of a break up and will serve you fully as we engage in the process of resolving the matter together.

As you contemplate a divorce, you will want to consider how to divide items of property that belong to both of you. You will also want to consider how you want to divide up any debt you and your spouse have incurred. Another consideration is how to determine custody and support of any children involved. It is good to have an idea of what you would like to have happen in each of these areas, but keep in mind that there are also laws that
govern these areas. These laws create rights and obligations that you may not be aware of. You will want to consult with an attorney to be informed of the laws and how they apply to your case. Murdoch Law Office will help you understand what your rights and obligations are and will be your trusted advocate as we work together to obtain the result you desire.

You can begin a new chapter in your life after divorce. Murdoch Law Office is committed to help you get through the divorce and on with your life as quickly as possible without giving away everything you have worked so hard to build.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

Life presents us all with challenges. One unique challenge many people face is that of caring for a person who has a mental incapacity that doesn’t allow them to fully take care of themselves. It is truly amazing to witness people who are willing to give of themselves in this unique way as they do for others what they can’t do for themselves. In this situation, it may be necessary to obtain a guardianship and conservatorship, which is where
a court gives authority to an individual to act on that person’s behalf in all aspects.

A guardianship allows a person the ability to make decisions with regard to a person’s everyday living, including everything from where they live to health care decisions.

A conservatorship allows a person the ability to make decisions with regard to the disposition of a person’s financial assets, including where their money is kept to what it is spent on.

Murdoch Law Office will help you understand how guardianships and conservatorships work and to decide whether a guardianship or conservatorship is necessary in the situation you are facing. If you decide that it is, we can make it happen.


Adoptions are special in that you have a person in your life that you love and want to care for in every way that a parent does. Although the desire to be a parent is there, sometimes the enthusiasm can be watered down in the sea of procedures that have to be realized in order to make the adoption happen. Murdoch Law Office can make your adoption easier because we’ve been through it before and can walk you through the unfamiliar process, uniting you and your loved one as quick and efficiently as possible.

If you are facing a family situation and need help, contact Murdoch Law Office and schedule a consultation. We will help.

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