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Criminal Law

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“How can you represent those people?” I’ve been asked many times over the years when people find out that I am a criminal defense attorney. I love this question because it reminds me why I do this work. For me, being a criminal defense attorney isn’t just a “job” for me that I do to make a living. It is a passion. It is something I get excited about. It’s something that satisfies me deeply.

I understand that most people who ask me this question have never faced criminal charges themselves. They have never looked head on at the prospect of losing their freedom, of being taken from their home, their family, their livelihood and placed in jail or prison somewhere while the lives they have built and dreams they have dreamed vanish. Not having faced these prospects themselves or having gone through it with someone who is close to them, its hard for them to understand. They may never understand until they or someone they care about face criminal charges.

But at Murdoch Law Office, we understand and we care.

We understand the constitution and its guarantee of rights to everyone, no matter what they are charged with.

We understand that a criminal conviction will most likely impact the rest of your life; where you live, where you work, who you pay your money to, whether you can own a firearm, and who you can be with.

We understand you need to get out of jail ASAP. We understand you need to get back to work. We understand that you need to get back to your family. We understand you need to get back to your life.

We understand how intimidating it can be to face criminal charges. We understand how daunting it can be to attempt to navigate the process alone, or with an attorney who doesn’t seem to care. We understand that people want leadership through their storm and they find it here. Our clients find that no matter what their circumstances are, no matter what they’re charged with, we are with them. We are committed to their cause, we will protect their rights and we will make a difference for them.

How do we make a difference for our clients? At Murdoch Law Office, we have over two decades of intense experience defending criminal cases; with that experience comes unmatched skill. At every stage of a criminal case, whether it’s an involved investigation, a tough negotiation or an emotional jury trial or sentencing, we have the experience and skill that each situation demands and we bring it to bear on our clients behalf. We produce results for them.

Over the years we have represented thousands of criminal defendants and something I’ve learned is that each person I represent is a human being, is important and has their own story. Just like me. I’ve learned that each person’s case is unique just like they are. At Murdoch Law Office, we treat each client like we would want to be treated and give each case the individualized attention and work it requires, just like I would want ours to be handled.

So when people ask me how I can represent criminal defendants, I simply share with them that if they or someone they cared about were ever charged with a crime, they would want me or someone just like me at their side. Someone who understands their situation, someone who’s committed to them and knows what to do. In short, someone who is going to do everything they can to obtain the best outcome for them. At Murdoch Law Office, we will do this for you. If you are facing criminal charges, contact Murdoch Law Office and let them help you.

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    Criminal Law

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